Skin Care Services

Here is a list of the skin services we offer.
We use exclusively Repechage for all our skin care services.
Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

  1. 30 minutes Child $30 Adult $50
    Express hydration facials for all ages. Activate the senses and achieve the most potent skin care benefits from the Earth and Sea. Specially designed to enhance and stimulate the senses while providing calming and balancing results. Available in 4 delectable flavors- Green Tea, Very Berry, Vanilla Pumpkin and Chocolate. Includes facial, scalp, neck and hand massage for a truly relaxing experience.
    Fusion Facial For all skin types
  2. 30 minutes $52
    The Seaweed "Facial on the Go" is the express ticket to clean and healthy skin. A soothing massage with C-Serum followed by a cooling and soothing fresh seaweed mask. Skin is clean, refreshed, healthy and vibrant. Great to experience while chemical services are processing or as an introduction to facial services.
    Express Facial For all skin types
  3. 60 minutes $77 w/ Rapidex $87
    The premier rejuvenating spa experience - two massages with sea collagen serum and rich nourishing cream followed by a layer of fresh European seaweed mask freshly prepared just at the time of application will soothe and restore your complexion. The Grande finale is a thermal mineral rich mask that will help you relax totally. While the facial treatment provides rejuvenation, enjoy a hand massage. Later awake to a visibly renewed you, immediate results and long term benefits.
    Four Layer Facial For all skin types
  1. 60 minutes $102
    Specifically designed to invigorate, lift & firm mature skin. An Enzymatic Micro Peel helps uncover a vibrant complexion. 2 massages & a cool Spirulina Seaweed Mask w/ bio-mimetic Pentapeptide firm & smooth skin. Then the skin is treated w/ Vita Cura Opti-Lift Serum for immediate & visible results w/ long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation & help prompt cell renewal.
    Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial with Micro Peel For Mature Skin
  2. 60 Minutes $125
    Based on a multi-dimensional approach to skin brightening and even toning. Clinacally proven Hexapeptide is combined with natural extracts from Daisy and Licorice to help interrupt melanogenesis (the bio-chemical process that causes hyper-pigmentation) before, during, and after color fomation. Powerful anti-oxidants, natural botanicals and unique seaweed plants work to give skin a glowing, radiant complexion. The Glyo-Sea Peel helps uncover a luminosity you thought gone forever.
    Biolight Miracle Facial with Glyco-Sea Peel For Uneven Skin
  3. 30 minutes $52
    Let our skin expert select the appropriate formulations depending on your skin type. A classic facial massage, exfoliation and deep moisture to hydrate and purify skin.
    Men's Grooming Facial Deep Cleansing
  1. 30 minutes $52
    Deep pore cleansing with a soap-free formula cleanses without causing dryness. Salicylic acid provides controlled desquamation unclogging pores. Using a Synergistic tea blend and powerful anti-oxidant formulas, this facial soothes and calms the skin. Mineral-rich sea mud provides a mask that absorbs the oil, thus reducing the shine without drying out the skin and prevents future breakouts. Facial is done in conjunction with a customized home care routine will provide the best results.
    Acne Express Treatment Problem/Oily Skin
  2. 60 minutes $77
    Dermatologist tested. Acne appears in various types and stages. We use a holistic approach to treat acne, which incorporates the finest ingredients from the earth and sea. Deep pore cleansing, purifies and controls existing breakouts while helping to prevent new ones from forming. Includes extractions, soothing, and healing mask, and mud mask. ​
    Hydra Medic Facial Problem/Oily Skin
  3. 30 minutes $52 60 minutes $92 full acne treatment
    Relax and enjoy as you are pampered like never before. Truly a facial for your back, this treatment includes massage, exfoliating body scrub, a stimulating back brushing, and deep pore cleansing. A soothing antibacterial mask follows all this. Perfect for teens, sports enthusiasts or anyone with problem skin on their back.
    Back Cleansing Facial for Broken Out Skin
  1. 75 minutes $125
    This facial with Micro Silver and Anti-Oxidants contains formulas of proprietary Eco Cert anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory seaweeds combined with medical grade anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients. Together, these work to help calm conditions such as rosacea and hypersensitive skin.
    Hydra 4 Red Out Facial For Sensitive/Reactive Skin
  2. 45 minutes $65
    Repechage Hydra Dew Wxpress Lift Moisture Mask with Argireline hexapeptide helps to give the skin a Virtual Lift! Codium Tomentosum Seaweed provides indepth moisturization. Waterlily, Palmitoyl Proline, and calming Willowherb Extras ensure immediate calming and soothing. ​
    Hydra Dew Facial For Normal/Dry Skin
  3. 30 minutes $46
    A professional treatment based on the latest advances in skincare and clinically proven ingredients that work to combat signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage. Reduces wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. ​
    Opit-Firm Eye Contour Treatment - for Eye Areas that are Puffy, Dark, and/or Wrinkled
A' la Carte
~Enzymatic Peel
~Glyco - Sea Peel
~Lumina Lift Mask
~Triple Action Peptide Mask
~Luminex Mask

There are a variety of add on services available to upgrade your experience and results