We believe in supporting the community that surrounds us.
These are the organizations we have partnered with.
  1. Wigs For Kids
    Wigs for Kids is a non-profit organization that seeks to serve children suffering from hair loss. We accept hair donations of 12 or more inches that will be used to create wigs made from real hair. Hair Design 27 will mail your hair donation with any paid haircut of 12" or more.
  2. Dragon Master Foundation
    To find & accelerate cures for cancers & other diseases by fostering & rewarding a community of collaboration & innovation. Make the world greener & fight cancer at the same time! Recycle hair care, skincare & cosmetic containers. We donate our bottles & collect yours as well.
  3. Operation Gratitude
    We send the candy to U.S. Military deployed in combat through Operation Gratitude. The troops love the candy--for themselves, but also to give out to the children in the communities they patrol. We will be collecting 11/1/19 - 11/7/19 - candy, floss, travel toothpaste, and mechanical pencils.